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Anti Spam Filter Services : Email Filter Gateway

Spam and Virus are are among the top security threats faced by any organisation today using the internet. Net Founder forms the first layer of defence aganist spam and virus. It ensures a 95% of protection against and its multilayered antivirus ensures 99% protection against virus.

best web design and development company

Red Hat Products

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the leading platform for open source computing.It is sold by subscription , delivers continuous value and is certified by top enterprise hardware and software vendors.From the desktop to data center, Enterprise Linux couples the innovation of open source technology and stability of true enterprise class platform.

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Zimbra Collaboration Suite 4.5

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) 4.5 is a truly modern, innovative messaging and collaboration application. Zimbra is the leading open source solution for enterprise, service provider, education, and government environments; offering administrators and their end-users unmatched benefits.

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Virtual Dediacted Messaging Suite(VDMS)

VDMS simply mean Virtual Dedicated Messaging Suite. It gives the user the advantage of a dedicated mail server and more. A few features are highlighted below. (1) Dedicated Disk Space (2) Dedicated IP address (3)Dedicated Ram (4) Reverse DNS and SPF (5) Logs (6)Anti Spam and Anti Virus(rule Based)

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Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is a truly modern, innovative Hosting solution. It addresses most of the commonly faced issues on a shared hosting server like registring dll's, quota restrictions, delivery log unavailability etc. In a VPS the user has complete control over his Hosting server can be branded to have the corporate look, Features like dedicated IP address.

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Hosted CRM

Defines the new CRM generation SugarCRM is rethinking how technology can help companies manage customer relationships. Sugar, the market leading commercial open source CRM application, delivers a feature-rich set of business processes that enhance marketing effectiveness, drive sales performance, improve customer satisfaction and provide executive insight into business performance.


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